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    Working combat arms hacks (ghost mode!)


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    Working combat arms hacks (ghost mode!)

    Mensaje  Admin el Sáb Sep 26, 2009 10:03 am

    Ok i have been on this forum for a while but never contributed so i feel bad and i feel like i should so i came across this hack and noticed it hasnt been posted here and its a great hack so i will put it here =] and tell u the instructions.(make sure u have winrar if u dont google it)

    Dynamic Box
    2D Radar
    Ghostmode (use the arrow keys)
    Speedhack (up to 20)

    Step 1. Download the hack from here MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Step 2. Create a new folder on your desktop name it w.e u want then open the rar file and extract it der.

    Step 3. If your running on windows 7/windows vista right click MPHCA and click run as adminstrator and click start

    Step 4. start combat arms ok to turn on/off the hacks press insert and enable and disable them with the arrow keys (to use ghost mode enable it and in the game use the arrow keys to use it

    Speed hack goes up to 20 !!! so go kill som noobs =D

    Anyways enjoy the hacks dont flame me for anything my first time posting! any

    IF this worked for u press the thanks button plz!!!!

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