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    Easy Exp/Gold Generator (MQ & DF)


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    Easy Exp/Gold Generator (MQ & DF)

    Mensaje  Admin el Sáb Sep 26, 2009 9:56 am

    Easy Exp/Gold Generator (MQ & DF)
    Admin Ayer a las 19:05

    Hey everyone, before you say this was already released look at his thread

    He claimed the hack was his. When it was not it was Wahoa's.

    So i'm "re-releasing" if i can say that cuz his thread a poll xD
    And it was not explained. he just gave two links and ...that's it.

    So here is the real download link (For both Generators) :
    Here is the plunder link since the other 2 seem to be broken:

    A virus scan:
    Antivir: Nothing found
    ArcaVir: Nothing found
    Avast: Nothing found
    AVG: Nothing found
    BitDefender: Nothing found
    F-Prot: Nothing found
    Norman: Nothing found
    Rising: Nothing found
    VirusBlokAda32: Nothing found
    VirusBuster: Nothing found
    Report overview
    Scanned by

    Credits :

    Directions For both Generators:
    1-Open it duh
    2-Enter username and password - it will not steal your information
    3-Scroll to select a character
    4-Choose one of the options - exp/gold/both

    And btw i would not be offended if gms/mods delete this post but first take a look at the other
    thread and tell me that this one is better.

    Screenshots ( idk wich one is for df or mq but the're both the same.

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